Top Hacks to Drive Traffic with Content in 2023

traffic from content

It’s 2023, and you’ll have content for almost every query or keyword. So, how do you rank your content?

The game is simple.

1. Content should be on point and direct; do not confuse the reader with lengthy explanations. They landed on your blog post looking for a solution or information; they don’t want long, long paragraphs.

2. First reading point: Highlights of the core solution helps hook reader. The user should get a crisp and to-the-point solution at the start. Avoid boring them with irrelevant examples and lengthy content.

3. Online Comments and Questions: Review online comments and questions to understand the pain point of the reader and try to solve their query through your blog. I like FAQs and Quora questions, which helped me rank in the snippet.

4. Edit, edit, and again edit—don’t bind yourself with a single edit. Check search terms, trends, and the market and give the best solution from time to time. No matter if your blog is ranking today or not, keep calm and make edits.

5. For a writer, open yourself up and participate in platforms to understand the topic and put your questions and comments there. Don’t just depend on the content available on the market. Be the first creator of new content.

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