What is Google’s Helpful Content Update – A Short Summary

helpful content update

Google’s new tsunami is just one week away-

If you are in the SEO field, then you must know about the latest algorithm update – Helpful Content Update.

Here is a short summary of this update. Your website can be penalized if-

You are publishing content in bulk to get traffic only.

  1. If you are website is publishing content on multiple topics to get more traffic only. (Guest Post is the best example)
  2. If you are covering every random topic without in-depth knowledge
  3. If you are using clickbait.
  4. If you are creating content too long, only to increase your word length.
  5. If you are using AI-Generated content.
  6. If you are just rewriting content from other sources to cover a topic (Even in your own niche)

So, if you are matching with any of these cases, you have one week to action.

Important – If your website has 100 pages and only 10 pages match with the above case, then Google will penalize your entire website, not only these 10 pages and you may require months to recover from this update.

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