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Who hasn’t heard of ‘the Instagram’! It is a social media app that is used by millions and millions of people. From teens to parents and grandparents, almost everyone has an account in Instagram.

Instagram was recently taken over by Facebook along with Messenger and Whatsapp.

Instagram, commonly known as Insta or IG, is an American social media platform where photos and videos can be shared or uploaded for free. It is available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows phone. Here, people can share their pictures and videos with their followers or can share it amongst a selected group of people.

The fathers of this famous app are Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It was launched in in October 2010, primarily in Apple iOS. The Android version of this app was launched later in April 2012.

This app offers a vast range of filters both beautiful and funny. It allows tagging people in photos and videos. The posts are organised by hashtags for example: #lifestyle. It also allows us to mention places as to where the picture or video was taken.

Followers can engage in the creator’s work or post by liking, commenting and sharing their posts with others and thus, increase the original creator’s follower count.

Now, since we know what basically is Instagram, lets talk about why this app is in the peak of its fandom.


There are several reasons of Instagram’s rich fandom. Here is only few of them:

  • User friendly:

One of the main reasons of any social media being appraised at large is its nature of being user friendly. The users must feel comfortable while using the app. Instagram is very user friendly. It is interactive, attractive and very easy to use.

Users prefer apps that are easily manageable by them. The instructions when given by Instagram is in very simple words that can be easily understood by the users or creators. It makes the users be able to understand the app very easy in general.


  • Anyone can taste popularity:

Who doesn’t want to feel popularity at least once! Instagram gives its users chances to gain popularity and bring in a flood of followers. It gives its users the scope to showcase his/her talents to the vast audience.

One can easily showcase his/her talents like dancing, singing, acting, makeup, painting, photography, nail arts, etc. The user’s followers can engage in it and share it as much as they like thus, bringing in new followers. Instagram also gives its users a fair chance to go viral. So, obviously each creator tries his/her best to be featured in the explore page.


  • Fashion inspiration:

Instagram is a hub of fashion tips and inspirations. There is something for everyone here. Trendy and funky styles, outfits, makeup, styling tips, everything is available here.

Instagram is literally the first thing a person opens to take inspiration from. Its creators offer a vast range of styling tips. The creators show how to accept one’s body and flaunt it and feel proud of one’s skin and curves. Many popular people follow the trends of this app and gain inspiration regarding beauty.


Now, since we know why exactly is Instagram so widely accepted and used, let us discuss why is it good for business.



Instagram is immensely heathy and turns out to be helpful to promote both large -scale and small-scale businesses. Down below are few reasons why Instagram is good for promoting businesses:


  • Helps in developing a relationship:

Posting pictures and videos and engaging with the audience or the customers help in developing a personal healthy relationship with the customers. A loyal consumer base is very necessary for any company to thrive at a healthy rate.

A loyal customer base is always healthy for any company. This development of personal relation is just what is needed to develop that. Keeping in contact with the customers through DMs, posts and videos is definitely required for any company looking to promote their website or business or looking for potential customers through digital means.


  • Helps to boost sales:

Instagram can be used by a company to make its followers aware of different discounts and offers. They can be personally updated about their sales and promotions.

Every time a new product or offer is launched, the company’s followers can be made aware. Also sneak peeks can be provided to the customers before launching a product. This generates and stirs interest and curiosity of the audience. This definitely helps to increase sales to great heights.


  • Instagram stories:

Instagram stories were created to generate more engagement and promote oneself. Attractive, catchy stories bring in more engagement.

Contests or quizzes or giving followers the chance to share their opinion brings in a lot of loyal customers. Discounts and flash sales can be shared through the stories.


  • Staying at par with customer trends:

Staying at par with trends is very important nowadays. Trend is ever changing and so are the demands of the mass.

Staying at par helps cater to the exact needs of the consumers. Instagram is the place where most trends take birth. So, staying active in Instagram definitely serves as an advantage and thus, helps in growing business.


Now, we come to the main question.



Nowadays, there are several ways of growing a business and earn money through digital means.

  • Doing sponsored posts help both the creator and the brand to gain revenue as well as engagement at a steady pace.

Brands that require more engagement generally collabs with creators with a vast follower base. This is healthy for both the parties.


  • Creators can become the face or representative. They can earn a handful of commission on selling a company’s products. This is also a healthy way of earning for both the creator as well as the brand.


  • Offering a paid service also works. For example- a creator is good at makeup. He/she can offer his/her services to the followers or any audience in exchange of money.


The creator teaches makeup to her followers in exchange of a stated amount of money. There are thousands of people who are earning like this.

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