Get More Facebook Likes Without Paid Promotions


Facebook is a very big and accepted social media platform. There are billions of people in the world who have their account on Facebook. It’s a huge social media platform for increasing and raising your business growth.

On Facebook also there is lots of competition. Most of the people buy the likes that mean they paid some money for increasing the likes on their page.

The more likes you have the more people will follow your page. Even if the content on Facebook is not so good the likes are very high because they paid some promotion for getting more followers. There are strategies and tricks from which you can get more likes on your Facebook page without paying any promotion.

Smart Facebook Marketing Strategy: –

The business owner needs to plan a smart Facebook marketing strategy for representing their products and page on the Facebook platform. The main objectives and goals define will define your Facebook marketing strategy.

The representation of your page and products should be attractive and impressive so that people will follow your page and buy the products from your website. You need to target the audience according to your business. You should aim likes those who will bring value to your business.

Your target is not to appeal to all the billions of Facebook users but you should target a valuable audience according to your business. The step of making the smart Facebook marketing strategy is the very important and primary step.

Create an impressive page: –

The Facebook page which you create for your business marketing should be appealing, great and informative. Your page should not tell only about the overlook of the business. It should be informative, knowledgeable and includes key features.

The page of Facebook should be that much good that if any visit your page they had a reason to stay on your page. The profile pictures and cover photos should be attractive for getting the visitors and following your page.

The information which you describe the company and brand should be up to date. The wrong information will destroy your experience. Use the “about us” section properly.

Facebook page should be easy to find: –

The Facebook page of your business should be easy to find. If the visitor will not find your page, then how will they like the page. You need to increase the visibility of your page.

Let your page and brand name the same so that people will find it easily. Do not put unnecessary keywords in the page name. The name of the page should not be unnecessary due to which people cannot find it and you will not get likes and followers. If anyone likes your post or blog, then that person should contact you easily as if he/she likes the post then definitely he/she wants to know something about the business and page.

Mention your site link at the space of like and share so that the person can easily visit your main website and contact you.

Quality of content should be high: –

The content and information which you are posting on your page should be of high-quality. Create some unique and different images and blogs that will say about your brand and business as well as attract the visitors at the same time.

These type of fun things and creativeness is liked by a large number of people and you will get many more likes and followers. The images with quotes present on them will get more likes.

You can create images by yourself which should be unique and informative about your brand. There is the option of adding videos which will be very useful. You can add videos in which you can tell about your brand and business in a creative manner. The video should be that much good and impressive so that visitors hit the like button and want to connect with you.

Post regularly: –

Do not be so unprofessional that you will post some blogs but during a very big interval of time. You need to post regularly or at the right time for which you have to make a schedule. Choose the option of schedule posts on Facebook.

Line up your post accordingly which will go live on Facebook automatically after scheduling. The timing of the post should be right. You should post at that time when most of the people are active on Facebook. Contact with people who already have high likes on the Facebook page.

Look at their page thoroughly and not the key points due to which they are getting more likes. This will help you to make your page more impressive.

“An average Facebook user likes 13 posts per month” –

Use Facebook invite button: –

The Facebook invite button is very useful for promoting your Facebook page and brand. By using Facebook invite button, you can invite different people to visit your page.

invite friends on facebook

This will help you to easily target your audience. By doing this you will get more Facebook likes on your page. But you should make sure that you will invite only those people who are interested in your brand and company.

Facebook itself also helps you to get more like if anyone reacted on any of your posts then they will send you the notification for inviting the person who reacted to your post. You can ask for likes from the people you invite on your page and can tell more about your page and brand.

“I got 25 Pages likes within a week with invite button with just 300 friend list”

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