Why do you not get a good job even after taking a digital marketing course?

Digital marketing job rejection

This is the issue of almost every student that they have done a course in digital marketing from an excellent and reputed institute but they are not getting good jobs. And even if they get a job, then according to their expectation, they get very less.

So the digital marketing course that he did go waste? Does that course make any sense? Will they have to select any other field now?

No. not at all.

First of all, we know whose fault it is? Did the institute not train you well or did you not understand the course of digital marketing?

If I talk about the institute, then no institute is bad, they train completely according to their model.

But still sometimes the institute makes the mistake.

Let’s know which mistakes they do-

  • Understanding same the capabilities of all students
  • Do not ask students about their interest
  • Not making a study model according to the interest of students
  • Language issue
  • Not doing live practical work
  • Not ready for challenge
  • Do not update the course of digital marketing time to time

Now we know that students mistake

Digital marketing is a broad concept and you can never learn all its techniques in 3 months and 6 months. And when you go for an interview, you go for the job of Most of Seo, but the course that you are in is about digital marketing. Where you have taught complete digital marketing, you have not learned SEO in detail, not live practical.

And any company will hire you only when you are an expert in that field or you are perfect.

So if instead of your complete digital marketing course, you would have given good attention in only the SEO in which you had to make a career, then would you not like to expertise in that field?

And today most of the students make the same mistake that their interest is in one field but they all want to learn together and what are the results in the last?

“No expert in any field”

And you are not able to get your desire job or salary is less because you could not become an expert in any field.

Then what to do?

Of course you should take a course in digital marketing, but take expert knowledge in one field, study it in deep. If your interest is more in the field of SEO, then you get more about it. If your interest is more in content writing, then you should have more time in this field.


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