First, let us focus on what is SEO?

SEO is acronym of Search Engine Optimization. It is a term that has been widely used in the last few months, thanks to the introduction of digital marketing in our market. SEO involves any technique, tip or trick that gives website a chance to enjoy preference. Search engines like Google and Bing are one of the most commonly-used engines. Now, this is also the main way any website can gain more visibility and increase the flow of traffic through healthy and organic search results.

In a more detailed way, SEO helps website in these search engines to obtain more visibility and thus, increase their engagement. If these websites use commonly-used keywords, or post relevant and quality information, while using simple, light and easy to understand words, there is a steep possibility that the search engine may list the website at the first or at the first page. This takes the website’s visibility to unimaginable heights. This is very important for a website that is looking for potential customers or clients in general. SEO brings in a flood of potential customers who can be turned into the website’s clients.

These search engines use bots to crawl and scan websites to check whether they are meeting all the requirements that is required. If so, the given website will be listed according to its standard of optimization. If the website is extraordinarily good and satisfies all the requirements that SEO requires, it will be listed at the first of the search results page or at least among the very first search results.

Now, the second question, how is SEO linked to marketing?

SEO is an integral and important part of digital marketing. Search Engine Optimization basically includes and tools that enables a website to be easy to find, be listed at the first. This allows any business website to enjoy preference of being shown at the very first over thousands of other websites and companies. To gain this the website or company must use all the tricks and follow all those tips that is required and secure a higher rank than other companies or websites.

Search Engine Optimization improves both online and off-line presence and activities of a website or company. Through SEO, many new potential customers can be discovered who can later be turned into clients.

Is SEO important for all type of business?

This is one of the commonly asked questions. If one’s company or website is already ranked #1 then just staying at par with all the present trends and the upcoming trends is probably enough. But, if it is a company or website struggling to have it big break and finally want to be recognized, then SEO is just the thing for them.

SEO enables any company or website to enjoy maximum visibility and bring in potential customers. No matter what sort of business it is or products and services it deals with it having a large pool of potential clients is definitely necessary for it to stay alive and thrive.

However, even for the healthily growing websites SEO is recommended. It allows the website to be listed and hold that position of being posted in the first search result page.

So, now we come to the big question.

How to do SEO for non-profit organisation?


As mentioned earlier, using the right keywords is very important to achieve the targeted audience. Using the right keywords help to boost the website’s content’s relevancy. Potential customers, generally while looking something up in the search engine uses basic and light words. SEO literally helps to discover the commonly used keywords that a website can use to increase its visibility.

Search engines like Google and Bing use bots that crawl and scan websites to find out they are using common keywords and their content it relevant or not. If so, then their rank is increased compared to other websites that do not follow the tips for Search Engine Optimization. However, the content is being written for humans and not solely for the search engines. That is why using simpler and easy to understand content that appears to be relatable. This is sure to boost the website’s visibility. And since visibility and engagement comes hand in hand, an increased number of potential customers will get engaged who can later be turned into clients. For a non-profit organisation, this type of tricks as well as engagement is very necessary.



Relevant and quality content is a very important thing when one is looking to boost his website. Search engines are very serious about their customers and thus, they will pay strict attention whether the listed websites are providing all that is needed. Only then will the website be listed at the very top.

If customers or clients have to scroll or search for an answer in one’s website it is definitely not preferred. The posted quantity should be precise and to the point and later be described if necessary. A decent organised user-friendly website is obviously preferred over thousands of other websites. Easy to understand context should be used as the content will resonate with the customers only if they understand the content properly. This has to be kept in mind all times that the content is not being posted only for the search engines but largely for the customers i.e. humans. Their power of understanding or feeling must be kept in mind. The language should not be too robotic.



The search engines could understand a page or website better if on-page elements are used. These elements occur directly on the page and helps search engines like Google understand the pages better. These on-page elements not only help the search engines to understand a page or website better, it also helps the people or customer understand it.

These on-page elements literally help the search engines to decide the website’s rank in the search page results. Thus, it is also a way to do SEO for non-profit organisations.


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