How to improve google ads conversion with minimum budget

Google ads conversion rate

Any advertiser in general check the success rate of their adwords by checking their conversion rate of the particular ad.  

It generally signifies the number of people who click on your ad. 

Well, when you are just beginning in digital marketing world you have high expectations from PPC campaigns. Obviously,  when you are spending your hard earned money on something then you tend to expect maximal result out of it. 


It’s not necessary that you will reap the good results in one go. So, all you need is to learn to have a few tricks up your sleeve to achieve the goal. 


Conversion rate 

If you are just stepping into PPC campaigns then you must familiarize yourselves with the term conversion rate.  


It is the number of conversions divided by the total number of views on your adwords.  

Let’s suppose your ad was visited by 100 people in general but you could tempt only 25 people out of it to buy your product. So,  your conversion rate would be 25/100= .25 or 25%. 


According to the statistics, the average conversion rate for an adwords account is just 2.37%. And the higher account have a conversion rate of 5.31% or higher.  

So,  if I am posting an ad on my campaign then I would aim for 8-10% conversion rate which would lower my ad cost. 


Now,  if you want to hike up your revenues you obviously need to work a little hard on your conversion rate. Because if you conversion rate increases then the cost of ad decreases decreases linearly with it. And plus you are reaping maximum benefits if your ad as its hiking your sale rate also.  So, basically you would be swarming in a pool of success.  

So,  you need to keep track of your conversion rate.  


Formulating a plan to improve your conversion rate.  

Now,  to convert the traffic on your site to a potential customer is done by optimizing the ad  to improve conversion rate is known as conversion rate optimization.  


Now,  you can optimize your adwords by following these simple steps: 

  1. First, you need to optimize your adwords. Your adwords should be formed by keeping in mind about the need of the customers.  
  1. When you have come with a plan then create ad variations.  
  1. Now,  go for A/B testing criteria.Now you will compare your ad variations. The ad which have high quality score and is getting more conversions should be posted on the main link.  


Things to target while optimizing your Adwords

  1. High quality score and ad relevance: Focus on achieving high quality score in your PPC campaign or adwords. It is basically google rating given to your ad which signifies the relevance of your ad to the customers plus your CTR. So,  a good quality score not only lowers the live of your campaign but also increases your conversion rate. It is also used to determine your cost per click and ranking your ad in ad auction process. Higher the bid rate on your ad,  the higher position of your Google ad. 


Now how can you attain this high quality score?  Well, while working on your quality score you should keep the following points in your mind. 

  1. Your ad should be relevant to the customer.  
  2. You should make use of suitable keyword match type according to your business goals 
  3. your keywords should be search engine optimized as they are going to be the keyplayer in driving all the traffic to your site.  
  4. Your ad should be designed by keeping in mind the needs of the customers.  
  5. Targeting of potential customers as it will give up both your CTR and conversion rate simultaneously so creating a win win situation 
  6. Bid your ad to put it in a better rank or position.  


  1. Improve your CTA

It stands for call for action. Well if you are providing your ad with a CTA option that is eye catching and tempting, then surely you are going to see a visibly increasing conversion rate.  Well you are providing the options to your customers to buy, call , discover or visit nearest store then they would likely jump at the opportunity. This is surely going to skyrocket your conversion in no time.  


  1. Remarketing

Well,  what is the best way to strategize your landing page when you can get ideas direct from your customers. Remarketing is a way of interacting or connecting to your previous customers through web and notifying them about your ad.  So, it steps up your marketing game as you are basically spreading awareness about your brand and putting your customers in a position to check your ad.   

So,  it has been so far turned out to be a successful strategy when you want to hike up your conversion rate.  


Well,  your ad will only be visible when your previous client are online or browsing on the web. As the visibility of your ad increases the client are sometimes inclined to recheck your campaign.  So basically, in this we are retargeting our potential customers.  


  1. Geotargeting

Well,  according to google analyst rather than working on more CTRs, you should rather be hell bent on conversions. Because a good business matrices can be followed when you are following or targeting your ad to the right audience. Well,  your product could be a major hit a particular location and a major lose at other. So always target the area where your chances of getting more conversion are higher. 

Well,  avoid dodging unnecessary traffic on your site.  



So,  to check your success rate keeps a regular check of your conversion rate. Always optimize your ad accordingly to meet your business goals.  

Now, that you have gotten a glimpse of all the do’s and don’ts you need to follow while preparing your campaign, you can now prepare CRO campaign easily.  


Well,  if you are implying these easy hacks in your PPC campaigns then you can double up your ROI even at a minimum budget campaign. 

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