Has Your Website Traffic Inexplicably Dropped ? Why?

Website traffic dropped

Website traffic is one of the most important factors taken into consideration by most of the companies which make online sales. So when the website traffic on one of these websites drops a situation of panic is created amongst them since the traffic dropping affects the business to a much greater extent than one can predict.


But instead of panicking one can easily figure out the reason for the traffic drop as there is a logical explanation for everything. Most of the websites don’t share their daily traffic details but if one wants to get an overview related to the traffic on that particular website he/she can visit the website advertising page as it has most of the information available, but if it’s even unavailable there then one can only rely on traffic estimators, which are not very reliable or accurate. 


One must be wondering, how can his/her website increase traffic on their website? To get an answer about it one must carefully monitor the factors affecting the online traffic. We all know that ‘Google’ is one of the major sources for traffic on any website. So if the website is listed on the first few pages of the ‘Google Search’ of the related search then the traffic is expected to boom and this is a major-criteria for any website’s success.


For Example – if one searches for football on google his/her first instinct reaction will be to open the first link provided on the first page of the search, which in turn increases traffic on the website and leads to success.


But for the website to appear as the first for any search is the security concern of the website which depends on the SSL Certificate owned by the website and depending upon the security parameters and the type of certificate, rankings are done on Google Search. 



So how to improve and work on the factors affecting the traffic flow of a website?? The simple answer to this is by following the given steps and keeping a close check on them –


  • Tracking of websites that have been on the web for many years and may use the keywords that have lost their relevancy, for example – floppy.
  • Lost Links can also be a major reason for the traffic drop on the website, one must check for this with the search engine.
  • Change in Consumer Habits also plays a key role in traffic flow. For reference, we can take an example of digital cameras after smartphones began providing the same features as that of digital cameras.
  • Page Loading Speed is very important as if the webpage takes more time to load it will decrease the traffic on the website as time is a key factor for every user and the websites whose webpages take less time in loading are generally preferred and have far more traffic than the slow one.
  • Unsecure links i.e. if the link for your website is unprotected or uses a domain SSL certificate then ‘Google’ will penalize your website by giving it a low position in its search algorithm and might even take the website down from its search engine.
  • Hacking can also be one of the reasons for the low inclining traffic on the website and this occurs when the security certificate of the website is cheap and cannot protect a website from malicious attacks.
  • Server Overload is another issue that leads to the decline of traffic flow at an exponential rate. For example- every online shopper has experienced it during any flash sale when there is so much traffic that the server takes way longer than the usual time.
  • Meta Description of the website can also be responsible for the decrement in the traffic flow on the website as if the data of a website changes and the meta description remains same then the website tends to lose its traffic due to the absence of certain keywords from the meta description which are included in the content as data.
  • The source of traffic is one of the most important reasons for the oscillation of traffic flow. Example – e-mail marketing, direct traffic, referrals, organic search, etc.
  • Ad-blockers have reduced traffics on various websites by an exponential margin which blocks the traffic from your website and transfers or directs it to other websites. 


Hence there is no shortcut to increase traffic on your website but surely there are ways which can help in increasing them by a marginal amount, which can be done by following the above guidelines and suggestions.  


One should instead depend upon enhancing and updating its website content, update the code and information, working on the security by buying security certificates from trusted authorities and providing a secure ecosystem to the user which even enhances the ranking of the website on the google search list.   

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