A Complete Guide on SEO

what is seo

Before starting any deep discussions, let’s start with the basics. What exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Now, the full form in itself is self-explanatory that here we are talking about optimizing the quality of content in a way such that search engine directs most of the traffic towards it.


Now, where you might have heard this terminology?

If it still hasn’t clicked yet, then let me remind you that this is the most talked about terminology while discussing PPC campaigns.


So, in PPC how it is playing an important role?  When any advertiser uploads an ad on any search engine then it gets ranked on the basis of its quality score and views. So, if the ad uploaded by the advertiser attains highest rank, then the search engine would list it at the top of any searches made by the user. So, automatically more traffic would be redirected to that ad. This is how SEO influences PPC campaigns.


How SEO influences your Google adwords?

Just like any coin has two phases, same way SEO comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages.


No doubt it is helping you by redirecting quantity traffic towards your ad. But have you ever wondered if it is really helping you apart from reducing your ad cost?


It also attracts unwanted attention towards your ad. You also get visitors who are not even remotely interested in your product. For example, you wanted clients who are interested in buying fleece hoodies, but despite that your ad is being visited by users who are more interested in buying fleece sweaters or fleece jackets.

How does SEO work?

Preparing an index of any project may sound similar to how SEO works. Just imagine preparing an index according to the certain ranking parameters.


Google employs a crawler to perform the job. The crawler gathers information matching the search query of the user. Now, that information is collected in the form of the binary language. So, these 0 and 1 are compiled together and run through an algorithm that double checks of the information is fulfilling the answers to  required search query.


SEO marketing

SEO marketing is an important component of digital marketing. It provides a means of optimizing your adwords so that you can achieve a target of maximum views. So, if you are getting quality traffic on your google adwords it will increase your revenues.


Now, the most important component in any SEO marketing is choosing appropriate keywords.


Now, choosing the right keyword can either make up your game or distort your game. While choosing a keyword you should always keep in mind that it should attract quality traffic and not quantity traffic.


There are nine types of keywords in SEO:

  • Short-term
  • Long-term
  • Short tail
  • Long tail
  • Product defining
  • Customer defining
  • Geo-targeting
  • LSI
  • Intent targeting


These nine keywords are covering all the parameters which are considered while designing any google adwords.


Out of which short tail keyword is considered as head keyword because it comprises of 3-4 words. Plus, it covers a broad range of keywords in it.

When compared long tail keywords are much more specific in nature.


In product-defining, customer-defining and geo-targeting focus on parameters which target specific concern areas like geographical area which you mean to target keywords that better describes your product or the needs of the customer.


Now, coming to LSI (LATENT SEMANTIC INDEXING) and intent targeting which works on particular theme on which your product is based or when you are targeting certain intents like informational, commercial and transactional.


Lastly, short-term and long-term keywords are based mostly on trends that have been followed lately.


How to choose keywords?

Now, you can employ certain keyword research tools for eg. SEMrush for choosing highly ranked SEO keyword.

Before you choose any keyword always keep in mind that it should have  high  search volume ranging between 1000-10,000 searches per month and low SEO backlinks ranging from 10-20.


Google SEO


On-page optimization

Now, when you Google search anything you just don’t get an array of keywords. With titles you get their description as well which help you decide better. That’s right; you need to work on content as well.


Meta Title: These are the title tags which appear on the search engine page when you put your query in the search engine search box.


Meta description: This is the content which is involved in the product description. So, it is a major part where you need to work on it as it is going to attract the majority of the audience.


Off-page optimization

Now, it is solely concerned with the website promotion. It deals with techniques that can be employed to improve the position of your website like by creating offline backlinks of the website.


It involves the use of:

  • Social media marketing
  • Backlinks
  • And mentioning the brand name.


SEO experts

If you are a newbie in the field of SEO marketing, then you can obviously consult any SEO expert who helps you in placing your adwords in high ranking.


Because SEO is not all about keywords. For better user experience you must be aware of the concepts of crawling and indexing, on- page optimization, off-page optimization and content optimization.


It can be a lot to take at a time. But when you take guidance then you can also gain expertise on all these with a little patience and time.


SEO companies

There are certain setups in the market which are solely associated with digital marketing.


They help their clients in building the adwords that increases their visibility on SERP (search engine result pages).


They guide you through every nitty-gritty of the SEO marketing from searching the relevant keyword to the optimization of the content.

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