21 Mind-Blowing Facts About Google Analytics

Google analytics facts

What do you think about when you think of a Google Analytics?

You probably think about all the things you can do on it.

Traffic analysis, real time visitors, traffic sources, goal or conversion and much more.

Here are some really cool facts about Google Analytics that you might be surprised at!

Millions of Webmasters have been using the Google Analytics for many years but you’ll definitely be blown out of your mind reading these interesting facts about the most popular digital marketing tool – Google Analytics.

  1. 10 Million websites are using Google analytics.
  2. Google analytics was restricted in Germany in May 2011 due to an EU Cookie law.
  3. Google analytics is used by is utilized by 64% of the Top 500 US Retailers, 45% of Fortune 500 companies, and 55.9% of the top 1 million domains
  4. At present, there are around 220 Google Analytics Certified Partners the world over.
  5. Google Analytics is fluent in 40 languages.
  6. Google Analytics was launched in November 2005 after being acquired from Urchin.
  7. Ten million is the monthly page view limit for a website in Google Analytics.
  8. A single Google Account Login can create up to 125,000 Google Analytics profile.
  9. Google Analytics doesn’t share personally identifiable information.
  10. Avinash Kaushik made Web Analytics (and Google Analytics) cool.
  11. Google Analytics could utilize maximum of first 5 party cookies: _utma, _utmb, _utmz _utmv and _utmx via the ga.js library to record information about what a user has seen or done on a particular page.
  12. There could only be up to 20 Goals in Google Analytics per profile/ per reporting view
  13. In 2015, its value amounted to $1.3 billion, with 2022 set as the target year by which it will more than triple it to reach $4.9 billion
  14. After 500 hits during a single visitor session, further activity is ignored
  15. After you reach one million unique dimension combinations, GA samples the data
  16. GA allows you 10 steps per conversion funnel
  17. Google Analytics saw 100,000 new accounts created after acquisition the software – Urchin on Demand.
  18. In October 2012 another new version of Google Analytics was announced, called ‘Universal Analytics
  19. In October 2017 a new version of Google Analytics was announced, called Global Site Tag. Its stated purpose was to unify the tagging system to simplify implementation.
  20. Google offers free Google Analytics IQ Lessons, Google Analytics certification test, free Help Center FAQ and Google Groups forum for official Google Analytics product support
  21. Google Analytics is the most widely used website statistics service.


Note: These facts are collected from various websites on the Internet and All credit goes to their respective owners. 

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