How to do SEO Audit? A Complete Guide



To understand what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit, first we should know the basic things about SEO, like what is it and why is it required.

So, let us start with what is SEO?

SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization. As the name suggests it is related to search engines. In simple words, SEO involves all the tips, tricks and techniques that can be used to increase the flow of traffic to a certain website in an organic and healthy way in the search page results.

When we look up for answers or anything, we search it in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The search results page provides or lists websites from where we can gather information and thus satisfy our requirement. These websites are listed according to their potential of providing optimum customer satisfaction. The websites at the top of the page enjoy maximum visibility and engagement. In order to obtain that rank that is preferable and the ultimate goal for all other websites, one has to follow all the techniques od SEO. This basically optimizes the website with all that is required and expected of a good website. Keywords, quality and relevant content, appropriate use of words, relatable content, proper information, are some of what is needed to be listed at the very top.

Search engines like Google and Bing use bots that crawl and scan the website to see whether they fulfil all that is needed to be the most preferred result for the customers. If so, then they will be listed in the first page according to its quality.

Now, we come to the next question.

Why is Search Engine Optimization really important?

Search Engine Optimisation is important for both websites and customers. Few of them are listed down below:

  • Organic search is the most common source of website traffic:

Organic search and search engine are the most common sources to get traffic from. Customers look up things in these search engines and if the website is able to provide the customer with all that he/she needs, he/she becomes a potential customer.

With an increase in visibility, comes a massive increase in engagement of the customers. Therefore, Search Engine Optimisation is just what is required to list a website at the very top and bring in more and more potential customers that can later be turned into clients.


  • Search Engine Optimisation helps in increasing trust and credibility:

Since search engines list only the most proper and efficient website at the top for their customers, any website listed at the very apex enjoys both a large pool of visibility and the flow of potential customers as well as earns trust from the customers. They can be rest assured that the information they are receiving is correct and not frauds.

Thus, this draws in trust for the website and their content amongst the customers both potential and existing. This trust goes a long way since loyal customers that are the priced possession of both companies as well as websites, are drawn to it.


  • Search Engine Optimisation= better user experience:

SEO brings in better user experience along with it. As already mentioned earlier, SEO involves commonly used keywords, relevant quality content, relatable content, informative and correct information, etc. Thus, this ensures and assures the presence of ultimate customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction implies a better and enhanced user experience. Optimum user satisfaction is very important for any website to be ranked at the very top and to hold that rank. SEO makes sure that user satisfaction is heightened to the maximum level. With better user experience, comes the advantage of preference by the search engines that is very profitable for any website or company.


  • SEO provides brings in the most traffic:

Bringing in traffic is the primary function of Search Engine Optimization. It increases traffic, visibility, engagement, conversions to heightened levels.

With the rise in usage of mobile phones, came a rise in the number of users. There are a lot of potential customers out there. Recognizing them and bringing them is exactly what SEO is needed for.

SEO works to optimize and enhance a website and its content. It literally helps to improve the face of a brand by improving as well as enhancing its website. Thus, it brings in more traffic by making a website more relevant.


  • SEO is cost efficient and worth spending money in:

SEO is way cheaper than any other website enhancing tool. Its more of an investment than a marketing cost. Its efficient enough to invest in.

SEO is relatively cheaper. It pays off in the long way. A small investment goes a long way. It will surely bring in than it requires to be spent on.


  • It’s a long-term strategy:

SEO brings in a noticeable impact in any website. These impacts are very much visible during the first year and it keeps on affecting the considered website positively in the following years too.

Thus, SEO will not only change the face of the website but also improve its efficiency to a great extent for the upcoming years too.


Now, what is SEO audit?

SEO audit basically involves evaluation of a website and grading and judging its capability of being listed as one of the best and most convenient results in a search engine’s search results page. It analyses the presence of a website and how important it is.


Now let’s talk about how to do SEO?

SEO audit is done by many processes. Few are as down below:

  • Only one version of the site should be eligible to browse:

This implies that when a URL is typed or the address of a website is typed it should be made sure that only one website is shown. There should be specific results.

  • Starting a website crawl:

Search engines use bots that crawl the website and check whether the website meets all the criteria that are required to be listed at the top. Similarly, the website should be crawled properly to check if it is correct and fits all criteria according to the updated SEO.

  • Checking Google for indexation issues:

This informs us how many pages Google has for the fixed domain.

  • Checking brand name:

Unless the company is very new, it should be the first organic search result when searched for it. If while searching for a brand its official website appears to be below few other websites, it is understandable that the search engine thinks the other website (s) has better results and information than the official page.

  • Manual basic on-page SEO checks:

Performing some basic on-page SEO checks ensures the quality check of a website and thus, increases its chance to be at the top of search result page.

  • Check for duplicate content:

Duplicate content is literally cancerous for any original website looking to grow. So, the check for duplicate content must be done properly to ensure there is no duplicate website.

  • Page should load fast:

According to the latest rules of SEO, the page should load fast as the pages that load fast are more preferable than other slow loading pages.

  • Structured data errors:

Any structured data that the website contains must be ensured of being properly formed.

  • Analyse organic search traffic:

This analyse will show whether the flow of organic traffic is increasing or decreasing. According to the graph, necessary changes should be made.

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