Massive Lightning Strikes From an Intense Summer Thunderstorm dwarfs the city of Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa

Imagine some sand dunes to be the regular market, the same stereotypical retail marketing where people had to be physically present. Now imagine a sand storm. The blaring winds sweeping away all monotonous procedures and giving a unique shape to the sand dunes. This sand storm is digital marketing.

The concept of digital marketing was very much present in our country but recently it gained popularity and was literally the most discussed topic in few months. It’s a topic that received high engagements and have been the source of income of lakhs in just mere months.

Now, what is digital marketing?

This is a question asked by many. Digital marketing is like a mushroom that holds modern marketing strategies under it. It comprises of different marketing tactics to grab the market as much as possible and caters to the needs of the targeted audience group. It grabs the market through online means and social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Our generation Z is the most targeted audience. With the reach of internet in every household the prospects and engagement of digital marketing is increasing at a steep rate. Digital marketing gave the small shopkeepers the chance to take a big leap. It literally swinged round the old business ideas and brought about a revolution in the market we knew.

The small shopkeepers who don’t have a big shop or showroom are getting equal chances as the big shop owners. When we do online shopping, all that matters is good product quality at an understandable price rate. The physical presence of a grand shop is not required any longer.

Why digital marketing is being appreciated by many?

Firstly, it’s a clever investment. Secondly, it’s a change we should really cope up with since online marketing is considered to be much more convenient than retail marketing. The number of online shoppers in the United States reached 209.6 million in 2016. It’s estimated to reach 230.5 million by 2021, making the U.S. one of the largest markets for online consumers in the world, according to Statista.

Thus, online business is undoubtedly thriving and will grow more in the near future. The most attractive thing about digital marketing is everything is just few taps away.

Returns are a very attractive trait of digital marketing. When we physically buy something from a place at a non-convenient distance and that turns out to be damaged or a misfit not only, we don’t have the time or the energy to get it replaced but also the money is non-refundable and thus, goes down the drain. In digital marketing we get up to 30-day return policy. Not only can we get a replacement but also, we get refund if we do not wish to purchase something right away.

Reviews and ratings are very helpful in judging whether the product suits our needs or is worth the price mentioned. In retail marketing shopkeepers obviously will not say his customers about the flaws in his product. But in digital marketing the consumers’ reviews about the product helps the future customers.

Digital marketing is a very important source of employment. Lakhs of men and women are being recruited as delivery executives or employees who help in packaging, shipping, etc. It enables lakhs of youngsters to do these jobs as part time as well as carrying on with their education.

This platform is giving India’s own industries a chance to grow. Handicrafts and traditional or cultural items have gained much popularity. After all, who doesn’t like a touch of one’s ethnicity!

We have thousands of options to choose from. A retail shop can hold only a few hundreds of options. But digital marketing exposes us to a vast platform.

There are several payment options that retail marketing lacks. Generally, retailers accept cash. It is not possible to carry cash all the time. Digital marketing gives us the scope to take advantage of online payment facilities and also provides additional discounts on doing so.

Flexible delivery time and addressis literally the cherry on top. You can literally have your order delivered at your home or even workplace. One cannot be at home just to receive a package that one had ordered. Thus, workplace delivery is one of the most convenient facilities offered by digital marketing.

People use their social media profiles to sell certain products and services. For example, a woman is very talented and can make really pretty earrings and necklaces but lack the finance of setting a shop or promote her items. She could easily do that through social media profile.


Here are a few reasons why you should consider digitalizing your business

  • WORK FROM HOME:These times have taught us that we can work efficiently while staying at home. Therefore, you can work from home without having to leave the comfort of your home.
  • YOUR COMPETITORS ARE DIGITALIZING THEMSELVES: Your competitors have probably already digitalized themselves and have increased their reach to multiple states throughout our country. Before its too late you should digitalize your company too so that you can be ahead or at par with them but never behind them.
  • REDUCED COSTS: There is no requirement of setting up a shop. Digital marketing gives you the scope of saving lakhs and instead investing them into better places e.g. promoting or advertising. This will literally give you better engagement. If handled well, digital marketing can cut down the costs of traditional advertising and promotion. Areas such as content management and search engine optimization can bring in customers without having to spend on traditional methods of advertising or marketing.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media is where our generation and other generations too spend most of their time. Thus, engagement through social media is bound to bring your business better attention than the traditional way of marketing could ever achieve.
  • OPERATION SCALE AND SIZE IS IRRELEVANT: One of the most important traits of digital marketing is that the size and scale of your business operation DOES NOT MATTER. The people in social media simply wants good quality products at understandable price rates. They have got nothing to do with the size of your shop or your immediate stock.


Its time you cope up with the change. The traditional way of business will always be the skeletal framework of mainstream business but coping with change is very necessary to keep a business afloat. Digital marketing is a necessary storm that brought about tons of advancements and opportunities and made business much easier to understand. There are several mentors and universities who teach digital marketing to the present and future businessmen and women. Change is mandatory and this is a good change that we must shake hands with.


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